My Daisies Diary


Music festivals are not only about the music, they’ve become a giant fashion hub for influencers, bloggers and celebrities. We constantly want to know what they’re wearing. Everywhere you turn, there’s an amazing look.

It was my very first time going to such a festival, not that I had planned on going, but my friend won tickets,  all thanks to  and I decided to make the most of this opportunity.

From mandatory denim shorts and vintage band tee’s, bralettes and fedora’s, I made sure to pack it all and bring it with me to the small, dusty and deserted town I would call home for the weekend.

I made sure that the outfits were practical and comfortable. I took a risk with some of the pieces, but this was the perfect opportunity to do so as most people were half-naked most of the time.

Look 1:






Look 2:




Look 3:





White Shirt: Cotton On (South Africa)

Denim Shorts: Factorie (South Africa)

Boots(SALE): The Fix  (South Africa)

Fedora: Mr Price (South Africa)

Backpack: H&M

Bralette: H&M

High waisted jeans: Thrift store

Crotchet dress: Superbalist

Heels: Cotton On (South Africa)

Photography: special shout out to my friend who patiently took all these photos for me; @suzan_kambule (instagram)


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